paintings by zino


Here you will find a portfolio of original artwork by Rich Zino. This includes  landscapes, cityscapes, European vistas, boats and water scenes, NYC landmarks, people and animals, flowers and nature, lighthouses, beaches and his interpretation of famous paintings of well known artists.

With few exceptions, Zino’s works are grounded in reality.   They are classical renderings of picturesque places having sufficient focus to legitimize the subject matter with a measure of subtlety to prompt the viewer’s imagination.

Zino’s paintings have earned acclaim for their balance, perspective and realism. His inspiration comes from snapshots, web photos, calendars and what he calls his imagination series - a collection of paintings straight from his dreams.

Many of these paintings were commissioned works - custom designed at the request of patrons to meet their specific objectives. Please read my section on Custom Art where the buyer is the artistic director.

Enjoy your visit.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes